Saturday, May 25

New Uses for Rice Cooker

Your Rice Cooker can do more than just to cook rice or warm it. Check this simple tips below:

1. Layer an entire meal in your cooker. As rice cooks in your machine, you can use a steamer basket to harness the stream and heat from the cooking rice to preapre vegetables and marinated fish or chicken for a complete meal that requires little work and very few dishes.

2. Prepare steel-cut oats. Before bed, add the oats to your rice cooker and program the timer so they are finished cooking as you are ready for breakfast. Since milk should not be left at room temperature overnight, use water instead. You can then flavor the oats with cinnamon, chopped fresh or dried fruit and a bit of raw honey or pure maple syrup.

3. Poach or stew fruit. Use the porridge setting to stew dried or fresh fruits in water flavored with 100% juice, red wine, raw honey or spices. The fruit is excellent served as dessert or to accompany roasted meats.

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