Saturday, May 25

How to Fill the Cupcake Tin?

In general, you may want to fill the cupcake tins about two-thirds to three-quarters of the way full. This will give you a very large, voluptuous cupcake.

I find that filling the wells is most easily accomplished by using a spring-loaded ice cream scoop.

After you bake a particular batter in your particular cupcake tins, make a note as to how high you filled them, and adjust for future batches if necessary.

These are exceptions to these guidelines for filling the tins. Brownie batter does not rise very much and does not develop a dome at all. So fill the brownie butter to cupcake tins almost to the level you want it after baking. Occasionally the brownie batter will sink a bit in the center after cooling. Simply fill with cupcake frosting, as desired.

On the other hand, when the cupcake recipe calls for glazing with poured fondant, it is best to have a shorter, shallower cupcake. After baking, you want the cupcake top to be beneath the top level of the paper liner. This way you can use the liner to hold the liquid fondant in placewhen it is poured over the cupcake.

When you end up with some of empty cupcake wells because of the number of cupcakes not enough to fill all the wells, you may want to partially fill empty wells with water to prevent damage to the tins and to encourage even baking also give the extra moist to the cupcakes.

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