Sunday, April 14

Why Yogurt is Good for You

A cup of yogurt (yoghurt or yoghourt) gives you at least 47.5% of your daily recommended calcium requirement. That’s more than the calcium in milk.

Broken down by good bacteria, this calcium is more absorbable. With more calcium, you get stronger teeth and bones. You also become less prone to osteoporosis.

Yogurt is also rich in protein. Protein helps build and repair body tissues. The presence of additional milk solids in yogurt makes it a more concentrated source of protein compared to milk. And since protein in yogurt is pre-digested by good bacteria, it is also easier to absorb, delivering 30% more than milk protein.

Good Bacteria from yogurt offers many benefits for your digestive and immune systems. But with a limited lifespan of only a few days, not many good bacteria remain live and active by the time you eat that chilled yogurt from the supermarket. That’s why fresh is best. And nothing can be fresher than the yogurt you make!

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